Bandar Laddu
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Bandar Laddu

The famous Indian festive sweet “Besan ke laddu” are ever popular and do not fail to feature on the menu at all celebrations. The Bandar laddu is a delicious version of the besan laddu, a popular sweet dish of Andhra Pradesh. Made using gram flour, ghee and cardamom powder the Bandar laddu is a tedious dish that is delicately prepared by expert hands.

Heads down for there’s nothing like savouring a delicious laddu in a happy moment.

Nutrition Facts per Serving:

Calories                       -                       198

Total fat                        -                      10g

Saturated fat                 -                      3.7g

Trans fat                       -                      0g

Cholesterol                   -                      13.1mg

Sodium                        -                      6.2mg

Total carbohydrates       -                      26g

Dietary fibre                  -                      1.1g

Sugar                           -                      21g

Protein                         -                      2g

Vitamin A                     -                      0.1%

Vitamin c                     -                      0.05%

Calcium                       -                      0.5%

Iron                             -                      2.7%


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