Bengali Sandesh
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Bengali Sandesh

What comes out when you toss in together some rich cottage cheese/Panneer, castor sugar and an optional fruity essence of your choice is a simple yet delicious traditional sweet dish from the Bengali kitchen called ‘Sondesh’ . A simple Sandesh recipe flavored with some cardamom and dry fruits makes a melt in your mouth treat.

Nutrition Facts per Serving:       

Calories                  -              51           

Total Fat                 -              0.3g           

Saturated Fat          -              0.2g       

Trans Fat                -               0.0g

Cholesterol              -              1mg           

Sodium                   -              102mg           

Potassium               -               25mg           

Total Carbohydrates  -            9.3g   

Dietary Fiber            -             0.1g       

Sugars                     -             9.1g

Protein                     -            3.1g

Iron                          -            1%

Calcium                    -           2% 

Vitamin                     -           A      

Vitamin                     -           C



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