Before getting into our story of native taste , I would like introduce the founding team.

Raja sekhar , as the picture speaks it all, a passionate traveler, who loves exploring new places and interacting with different people. And he says traveling is like knowing yourself.

Bhyrav murthy, yes, a passionate foodie , who appreciates the food and excavates the tastes of different places and we call him a encylopedia of the best food. And he says end of the day everything we do is for a good food.

Gouthami, a free soul, who lives life in everything she does , she says freedom is travelling with no strings attached. She laughs at the thing that we call her a free soul, better you should call me a hungry soul. She says, there are no boundaries for passion and food.

And on how nativetaste is born, while we are coining multiple ideas for a product, one of our mentors has seen a bit disappointment in us that we are spending too long in picking an idea. And he just said, guys you need to convert your passions into a product and you can make the best out of it.

And now we have put together our passions for travelling , food , exploration at one place and gave it a shape as NativeTaste. There is a joy of tasting multiple foods in different corners of india and why not share our joy with other people. These are foods which not only mesmerize with their taste, but also carry a great story, which makes you say, wow I gotta try it.

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