Kakinada Kaja
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Kakinada Kaja

Kakinada Khaja (Telugu: కాకినాడ కాజా) is a sweet delicacy of Andhra Pradesh, India. Kakinada, a coastal city in Andhra

Pradesh, is popular for Khajas, hence the name.

Kaja originated in the Samarkand area of Uzbekistan. The word "khaja" originated from Arabic, probably meaning

"pure" or "sacred". Like Gulab Jamuns, Khajas and Jhangris were introduced to Andhras by Muslim Vikings. In the

northern part of India, khajas come in hundreds of varieties. Kakinada Khaja is just a replica of Ranchi Khaja. Khajas

were brought into Andhra by Muslims, probably at the time of the Nizams. Indian variety of kaja Khajas are sold in the

city of Patna, Gaya and several other places across the state of Bihar, yet Khajas of Silao Nalanda and Rajgir areas are

distinct over khajas of all other places. Silao and Rajgir are the places where one can get puffy khaja, which melts in the



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