Maharashtra Bakarwadi
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Maharashtra Bakarwadi

Bhakarwadi is north Indian dish especially popular in Maharashtra as well as Gujarat. The people of Pune usually eat this crispy snack. This is classified as snacks food eaten during tea time. It is the favourite dish of Marathi people. Bhakarwadi is slightly spicy in taste. Bhakarwadi recipe does not take more than 50 minutes for preparation. Bhakarwadi is especially made during festivals. This is delicious in taste and can be prepared very easily. This recipe is not injurious to health.

Nutrition Facts per Serving:

Calories from Fat                90

Calories                              625

Total Fat                            36g       

Saturated Fat                     21g             

Cholesterol                        0mg    

Sodium 658mg                 27%

Total Carbohydrate            39g    

Dietary Fiber                      0g    

Sugars                               0g    

Protein                              14g      

Vitamin A                          3%   

Vitamin C                          10%

Calcium                             1%        

Iron                                    4%


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