Maharashtra Balushashi
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Maharashtra Balushashi

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, wearing a light golden colour the Balushahi is a fulfilling delight for the craving sweet tooth. It is similar to a glazed doughnut in terms of ingredients, but differs in texture and taste. In South India, a similar pastry is known as Badushah.

The balls made out of flour (maida), clarified butter (ghee) and yogurt are deep fried in ghee and dunked in the goodness of some rich sugar syrup. The Balushahi is a famous north Indian sweet dish that can be stored at room temperature and served anytime.

They are said to exhibit the traits of Mughal cuisine, possibly reflecting the trade and territorial relationships of the Mughal empire with the south.The first indication is the name itself. Dishes which have “shahi” which comes from the Persian “Shah” meaning royal, invariably have their origins in Mughlai cuisine which is a style of Indian cooking that came with the Mughal invaders or tradespeople from Persia. The “Shahi” cuisine is also incredibly rich usually, and the Balushahi is nothing if not rish considering the ghee in it!  Also, the deep-fried pastry dipped in sugar syrup is reminiscent of sweets from the Middle East.

Nutrition facts per 1 piece:

Calories                            132            
Total Fat                           7.0g            
Saturated Fat                   1.1g        
Trans Fat                          0.0g
Cholesterol                       0mg            
Sodium                             5mg            
Potassium                         50mg            
Total Carbohydrates         16.4g    
Dietary Fiber                    1.0g        
Sugars                              9.9g
Protein                             1.6g
Calcium                            2%          
Iron                                   2%


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