Agra Dry Kesar Petha
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Agra Dry Kesar Petha

Dry Kesar Petha is the world famous sweet of Agra. Buyers can purchase highly delicious and nutritious Kesar Petha from us. Dry Kesar Petha is made from fresh white pumpkins sprinkled with saffron and use of quality ingredients like sugar, elaichi and essence of kewra brings out the true picture of originality and freshness in taste. The Kesar Petha that we offer is made under controlled hygienic conditions from quality ingredients. Reckoned for the sweetness and quality, our Kesar Petha also promotes various health benefits. Our Kesar Petha is considered good for the development of brain, provides energy, and boosts BMP levels and learning power.

Not only it is delicious and contains fruit fiber, it is also very healthy. Petha contains iron, calcium, sulfur, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as protein.

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