Agra Dry Petha
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Agra Dry Petha

Dry Petha is the world famous sweet of Agra, India. Dry Petha is made from fresh white pumpkins and use of quality ingredients like sugar and essence of kewra brings out the true picture of originality and freshness in taste.  It is the very basic variety of Agra's Petha and is most liked by people. Petha from Agra, India is world famous. It is made by drying pieces of ash gourd in lime water, then cooking these pieces in sugar, which adds to its sweet flavor while acting as a natural preservative.

Not only it is delicious and contains fruit fiber, it is also very healthy. Petha contains i ron, calcium, sulfur, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as protein.

Nutrition Facts per 1sweet(40gms):

Calories from Fat                250   
Total Fat                            9g         
Saturated Fat                     9g     
Polyunsaturated Fat            9g     
Monounsaturated Fat          9g     
Trans Fat                           9g     
Cholesterol                        1mg     
Sodium                              2mg         
Potassium                         1mg     
Total Carbohydrate              29g     
Dietary Fiber                      1g     
Sugars                               2g     
Other Carbohydrate             2g     
Protein                               3g     
Vitamin A             
Vitamin C     

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