Tapeswaram Kaaja - Normal
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Tapeswaram Kaaja - Normal

“Some sinful indulgence in layers of heaven” is a fitting description offered of this uniquely popular south Indian sweet dish called Khajaa which goes by the names like Chirote, Satta and Phenori in other parts of the country.

Made using refined wheat flour and sugar, skillfully mould into layers with the glistening sugar syrup flowing in between, this juicy delight is a sure work of art. So much so that it made “Tapeswaram” a village in the state of Andhra Pradesh famous for its creation. ompanions to a cup of tea. Also known as “Chakli” this popular Indian snack is a yummy munchy in the pantry. It’s made using rice flour, urad dal (black lentil powder), carom seeds, salt and butter.

Nutrition Facts per 1 Piece:

Calories                          239

Total Fat                        27 g

Saturated                       5 g

Polyunsaturated             0 g

Monounsaturated           0 g

Trans                              0 g

Cholesterol                    6 mg

Vitamin A                     1%

Vitamin C                     0%

Sodium                        71 mg

Potassium                    6 mg

Total Carbs                  15 g

Dietary Fiber                0 g

Sugars                         11 g

Protein                        1 g

Calcium                      0%

Iron                             1%

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