Tirunelveli Halwa
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Tirunelveli Halwa

The origin of halwa dates back to 1882 when founder Jegan Singh is considered the father of Tirunelveli halwa, with an interesting story of how the town’s favourite dessert owes its genesis to creators from the desert. “The halwa was first prepared by Rajput cooks who were hired by the zamindar of Chokkampatti (a village near Tirunelveli),”. The zamindar, enraptured by the sweets he tasted at Kasi, insisted that Jegan Singh’s family prepare them in his palace. Later, Singh moved to Tirunelveli where he opened Lakshmi Vilas, naming it after a female relative who was incidentally the first to sell the halwa on the streets of Tirunelveli. The tale is validated by old halwa masters 
Halwa is usually made from crushed juice taken out from well-soaked fresh wheat berries. The taste changes even if it is not soaked well or not boiled properly .

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